Championship Prize Drive

Hello Everyone,

The 2017 ANECCC SGPetch Stage Rally Championship Prize Drive takes place at Croft Racing Circuit as part of the 2018 Jack Frost Stages on Sunday 21st January. Both Ian and I are extremely grateful to the owners of Croft Racing Circuit and to the JFS CoC Craig Hope for allowing this occasion to take place.

Once again the championship winning driver, Steve Bannister, shows his generosity and compassion for the sport of rallying by offering the opportunity to drive one of Steve Petch’s 4×4 rally cars to second placed driver Barry Lindsay. What a fabulous opportunity…

Additionally the 2017 winning co-driver Callum Atkinson, who is also Steve Bannister’s regular co-driver, has also offered his winning seat to second placed co-driver Caroline Lodge. Callum believes that as Caroline has for many years now been Barry’s regular co-driver that she deserves the opportunity to be in the car with Barry. Many thanks Callum…

Unfortunately due to unforeseen difficulties with the chosen rally car, a Ford Fiesta 4×4 development car, Steve Petch has decided to offer his own personal WD-40 Ford Fiesta rally car as a substitute. What a great gesture by the championship sponsor..!!!

Throughout the past few days, while the issues with the development car were being investigated, Steve has always said he had “a Plan B”, or should that have been ‘a Plan WD-40’…?

This type of selfish gesture typifies the true nature of the traditional club rallying world. The sport of rallying owes a lot to these people and must never be forgotten. Please show your support and go along to Croft on the 21st January for an exciting day of club rallying at its best…

Both Ian and I hope to see you all at Croft on Sunday 21st

Colin Tombs

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